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27th April 2018:

Mansion Party In The Sun - JackG releases his second single from his hit album I'm Conceited. Mansion Party In The Sun finds JackG celebrating all of his success's and wins, and talking about the ways he celebrates and parties, which is never done small or low key, the song oozes wealth and clarity, while also interpreting some of JackG"s wild sexual experiences on yachts, this song is only the second release from I'm Conceited and he has broke the internet twice as well as sending his fans into meltdown.

Mansion Party In The Sun is available to purchase worldwide now.

12th April 2018:


Due to popular demand JackG is officially giving fans worldwide the opportunity to get a taste of his extravagant, luxurious and fame filled lifestyle, from flying in private jets to exotic locations around the world, to riding in his fleet of expensive cars, from riding in his Lamborghini going on shopping sprees, to having paparazzi swarming you at restaurants, clubs, to be able to kick it with a superstar like JackG and make your friends or enemies jealous who said you'd never make it.

JackG is looking for highly attractive people, models who are interesting, popular and have a great personality, who believe they have what it takes to handle his lifestyle, his fame and his money, this is a life changing opportunity to be with one of the worlds hottest rap stars, it is an upgrade in your life, all you have to do is impress JackG, which is extremely difficult to do due to his extreme and high standards. 

Please note if you're not a model, attractive, popular, or don't have a great personality based on JackG's Standard's please avoid auditioning as you're most likely to have your feelings hurt and be rejected.


1: Head to and create a Sugar Baby account.

2: Once your account is created upload pictures of yourself and fill out the About Me section, getting across what makes you unique and stand out from all the other auditionees and why JackG would be interested in you.

3: Type in the seeking arrangement search bar h0ttestboyalive favourite the profile and send a message, make your first message interesting and stand out, "hey" "hi" will be rejected.

4: If JackG likes you he may reply (due to the high volume of messages he gets, you may not receive a reply)

5: JackG will arrange and set a date to meet with you, if he likes you in real life, you may be the chosen and successful auditionee to live his lifestyle, and be with a global icon.


All applicants will be required to disclose if they have ever been convicted of a criminal offence or have any criminal prosecutions pending or been the subject of an official police caution before meeting JackG. If the information you give to TRUMusic at any time about your prior convictions, pending police or judicial actions, suspended criminal proceedings or cautions is found to be false and/or misleading TRUMusic will be entitled to exclude you from meeting JackG.

7th April 2018:

JackG unveils the start studded track list for his fifth album I'm Conceited, featuring superstars such as Future, Travis Scott, Chris Miles, who all bring their unique style and flow to to the A Listers Fifth Album. I'm Conceited is guaranteed to be the biggest album of the summer if not the entire year.

16th March 2018:

15th March 2018:

JackG releases his first official single and the official lyric video for Money N Narcs the first track from from I’m Conceited. JackG makes his spectacular return and debuts his first single from his highly anticipated album, I’m Conceited, set to be released this summer.

14th March 2018:

JackG announces his fifth studio album I’m Conceited, and releases the cover-art. I’m Conceited will be JackG’s fifth masterpiece and his biggest album thus far, after the major success of Mr Grummett, JackG plans to take it up a level, this album will contain a number of high profile features and is already guaranteed to be the biggest and hottest album of the summer, more news will follow in the upcoming months.

January 26th 2018:

JackG releases Mr Grummett in stores worldwide. The extra-prolific rap star opens 2018 with a bang. JackG’s fourth album finds The Hottest Boy Alive asserting his Trap God status, enjoying the spoils and dispelling clones and haters with lethal lines. Mr Grummett is in complete control of his gifts. The uncorked idiosyncrasies of his younger years have been reconstituted into the ultra-focused rhyme schemes of “Mummy.” While the stealth attacks of “Liar” and “I'm a Gift” adopt the subaquatic R&B of Drake and Future, the battle-tested flow on “Million On Me" places JackG in a class with hip-hop icons