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TRUMusic is an extremely successful record label and modelling agency in the UK. Founded by international rap star and Hottest Boy Alive JackG in 2014, TRUMusic has a dedicated and highly experienced team including customer service representatives, music producers, modelling agents and managers. TRUMusic also has a huge variety of artists and models who are some of the best in the industry today. If you’re successful in your applications for TRUMusic, success is guaranteed!

Your Ticket to Music and Modelling Stardom Is Here

TRUMusic is a very successful record label created and founded in the UK by the icon JackG in 2014. Part of TRUMusic is TRUModelling. We are looking for highly talented artists and models to apply and audition for TRUMusic. Successful auditionees will be on a salary from £60k to £120k depending on your area of expertise. The audition process consists of three stages:

Stage One

You call or email us and we will discuss what you’re looking for. We will then send you an application form, which you will need to fill out and email back to us. The TRUMusic team will review your application form within 28 days.

Due to the high volume of applications in the summer season between June and August, if you submit an application within these months, we will review your application form within 56 days. If you’re successful at this stage, you will progress to stage two.

Stage Two

We will book your stay at the nearest luxury hotel meeting room and you will be shortlisted for TRUMusic/TRUModelling. We will set a date and time to meet, which suits you. We will need you to meet our managers and modelling agents and complete a review with one of our psychologists. This is standard practice across TRUMusic and is part of our duty of care. If you’re successful at this stage, you will progress to stage three.

Stage Three

You will meet international rap star and TRUMusic CEO JackG at our offices in London. If JackG agrees that you have what it takes, we will write to you and a contract will be issued for signature prior to receiving funds and becoming a TRUMusic artist/model.

Apply Now

To apply for TRUMusic, please contact us via email ([email protected]) or telephone (08004714852). Mr Grummett, JackG’s fourth and greatest album thus far, is available in stores worldwide now. Listen to it via iTunes here. Enjoy!

Mr Grummett Merch is available worldwide now!